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Driver onboarding: top tips for a quick start


About driver onboarding

As the logistics industry continues to adapt to meet customer demands and the changes in the dynamic of the sector, last-mile delivery firms are commonly opting to use technology to help streamline their current processes. A specific area where technology has vastly changed the industry is simplifying the self-employed driver onboarding process.

With Wise, you will save time

Filling out paperwork, manually processing driver onboarding applications, and communicating via email and Whatsapp are a thing of the past! The Wise platform can automate self-employed driver onboarding processes, creating a more efficient and streamlined experience for self-employed courier drivers and their last-mile delivery owners.

Digital onboarding with Wise

A key benefit of using the Wise platform is that your onboarding process can be paperless! Instead of manually processing paperwork, self-employed courier drivers can complete their onboarding all through the Wise app, uploading and signing all documents and evidences digitally, allowing business owners to approve applications far more quickly.

Not only does this save time and money on resources, but it also allows businesses to onboard drivers much faster, getting them out on the road and generating revenue quicker

A smooth onboarding process

A second benefit of using the Wise digital onboarding platform is the peace of mind it creates from an accuracy and compliance perspective. The Wise platform can configure the onboarding process to meet the needs of any logistics business, such as background checks, right to work, drug tests, etc, to confirm that all self-employed drivers meet the correct, compliant conditions to be approved to drive.

This not only helps delivery businesses remain compliant and, therefore, much more attractive to new carriers but also helps reduce the risk of any issues associated with non-compliant self-employed drivers.

What are the benefits of a driver onboarding system?

Creating a paperless onboarding process by utilising driver onboarding software can help boost the overall driver experience. By removing the dependency on manual paperwork and providing a smooth onboarding journey, delivery companies can create a more positive first impression when recruiting new self-employed drivers, which can lead to increased driver satisfaction and retention.

The benefits of using a digital onboarding platform are clear. By automating a manual onboarding process, courier firms can:

  • Save time
  • Increase accuracy
  • Improve compliance
  • Enhance driver experience

As the logistics industry continues to adapt to new advances, last-mile delivery companies that bring in new technologies will be best positioned for success.

Onboarding with Wise

The Wise platform can provide delivery business owners with an efficient end-to-end digital onboarding platform to help onboard and manage self-employed drivers in one place, covering everything from accountancy, to compliance, audits, and payments.

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