Wise Onboarding & Compliance Software

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Onboarding and compliance system.

Do you engage a self employed workforce? 

Create a fully integrated driver management platform. Manage your current driver pool, incoming subcontractor pipeline and spot any upcoming compliance risks within one handy platform that is tailored for your company.


How Wise works.

1. Create your bespoke, integrated onboarding platform. 

Through Wise, you can choose the documents and policies required from self-employed drivers to be fully compliant.

2. Invite your drivers to the Wise platform through your bespoke portal.

Allow your drivers to create their accounts within the Wise app, using a unique access code sent to their email.

3. Drivers digitally submit their documentation.

Request driver information through the Wise mobile app.

4. Monitor your drivers’ onboarding journey.

Wise gives a complete pipeline overview within the integrated Wise dashboard – you will clearly see policy completions and signed documents in one place. 

Tired of chasing drivers for paperwork?

Wise have streamlined onboarding for over 250 contractors to help them save money, reduce admin.

Drastically cut the time spent onboarding new self-employed drivers whilst helping them boost their take-home pay!

Do you manage a self-employed workforce?

We can only add value to businesses who engage with subcontractors

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Grow. Retain. Protect.


your business with easy-to-use onboarding technology.

The average company saves 10 hours a week with Wise

Wise give you the tools you need to easily manage your self employed workforce, giving you more time to focus on expanding your business.


your drivers by providing them with Wise products.

96% of Wise app users select a product

The income boost drivers can get from our app and the discounts we offer are a sure fire path to happier drivers.


your future by removing compliance concerns.

95% of clients feel more compliant with Wise

Collecting your documents, agreements and contracts via the Wise system provides you with additional HMRC protection. This reduced risk gives you peace of mind.

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