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The impact of 24/7 Mental Health Support for self-employed drivers

The challenges for self-employed drivers aren’t just navigating the roads and delivering parcels to customers. Many self-employed drivers face long hours on the road alone, pressure to ensure parcels are delivered on time, and the ups and downs of the self-employment industry, which can have a negative impact on their mental well-being. 24/7 mental health support is a game-changer for helping self-employed drivers feel supported and contributes to safer roads.


For self-employed drivers, being out on the road all day can be extremely isolating. Limited human interaction can lead to feelings of loneliness. However, with 24/7 mental health support readily available, self-employed drivers can easily connect with trained professionals who understand and can help with their challenges. Providing drivers with the space to talk about how they feel – concerns or triumphs can be a powerful tool towards better mental wellbeing.

Stress and anxiety out on the road

The logistics industry is well known for being a high-stress environment. Delivery deadlines, traffic congestion, and natural unforeseen delays all contribute to stress and anxiety for self-employed drivers.

With access to on-demand mental health support, drivers have all the tools they need to manage their emotions effectively. Stress management skills and relaxation techniques help drivers do their job with a clearer mind.

Benefits for courier companies offering drivers mental health support

  • Enhanced driver safety – Poor mental well-being of self-employed drivers directly impacts the safety of the roads.  Stressed and exhausted drivers are more likely to make errors, affecting their focus, attention span, and decision-making capability. By providing 24/7 mental health support, courier companies can contribute to safer roads by supporting drivers to manage their mental states and prevent any potential accidents caused by heightened emotions.
  • Healthier work environment – Offering mental health support sends a strong message to both current self-employed drivers and potential self-employed drivers looking for a new role that their well-being is important. This driver perk fosters a positive work environment and understanding within the last-mile industry, breaking down the stigma around mental health issues.
  • Boosted driver retention – The last-mile industry is notorious for having high driver turnover rates. Offering 24/7 mental health support creates a happy work environment, making self-employed more inclined to stay with a delivery business for the long term.
  • Compliance and risk reduction – It is a must that courier companies follow strict regulations from carriers and HMRC; drivers with poor mental health can impact compliance with these regulations. By offering mental health support, companies help ensure their self-employed drivers are in the right state of mind to follow rules and  regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues or penalties.

Wise’s 24/7 mental health support for self-employed drivers

Wise is an all-in-one last-mile driver management platform that streamlines onboarding, compliance, and resource planning for UK logistic companies, while also offering accounting solutions and driver perks to self-employed drivers.

By utilising the Wise Platform, courier companies can offer their self-employed drivers access to 24/7 mental health support at no extra cost to their business, helping to improve driver well-being, safety, and overall business success.

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