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Best practices for recruiting and retaining new drivers

The transportation industry heavily relies on skilled and committed drivers to ensure smooth operations and meet customer expectations. However, recruiting and retaining new self-employed drivers can be a significant challenge for many courier companies due to the dynamic nature of the industry.

Streamline the Driver Onboarding Process

To attract new self-employed drivers, it is essential to have a straightforward and user-friendly process. Lengthy forms or complicated requirements may discourage interested drivers from completing their onboarding application. 

Simplify the process by focusing on the essential information your business requires drivers to complete and ensuring that it can be easily accessed and submitted online.

The Wise Platform simplifies the task of uploading and categorising driver documents, facilitates the use of e-signatures and ensures seamless compliance. Additionally, our advanced system provides an extensive and limitless library of documents and automates notification alerts for driver documents.

Not only this, in the event of an incorrect document being uploaded during the driver’s onboarding process, rectifying the situation is straightforward by simply re-uploading the correct document. Our platform sends timely notifications to drivers when their evidences is approaching expiration, ensuring they stay informed and can take appropriate action.

Provide an Appealing Driver Perks Package

Competitive driver perks are a crucial factor when it comes to recruiting and retaining self-employed drivers. It is important to continually review whether your driver perks package aligns with standards in the logistics industry and provides drivers with fair pay and incentives.

At Wise, we understand that historically it has been difficult to provide drivers with the perks they deserve – we’re changing that! Through the Wise Driver app, self-employed drivers can access a multitude of perks, such as:

Prioritise clear communication with your self-employed drivers

Clear communication plays a vital role in driver recruitment and retention. The expectations, responsibilities, and benefits of being a courier driver should all be outlined during the recruitment process. It is also important to provide drivers with regular updates and feedback to foster a sense of belonging and ensure they feel valued. Encourage an open-door policy and establish channels for self-employed drivers to voice their concerns or suggestions.

When drivers go through the onboarding process via the Wise platform, they are required to electronically sign a contract and Service Level Agreement. This serves as confirmation that they comprehend their responsibilities within their delivery driver role. By storing these digital documents securely in the Wise Platform, you safeguard your delivery business in case a driver fails to adhere to the terms they previously agreed upon.

Embrace Technological Advancements

Utilise technology to streamline operations within your delivery business, making the job easier for your self-employed drivers. Technology can significantly improve the driver’s experience and job satisfaction.

With Wise, you take the hassle out of keeping on top of driver admin. Our system provides timely alerts to both you and your drivers when evidences and documents are nearing expiration. This proactive notification allows drivers to re-upload the necessary documents promptly, enabling them to remain on the road and continue earning without disruptions.

Recruiting and Retaining Drivers

Recruiting and retaining new self-employed drivers requires a thoughtful and proactive approach. Streamlining the application process, offering competitive driver perks, fostering effective communication, and embracing technology all contribute to a motivated and satisfied self-employed driver workforce. By integrating these best practices, delivery companies can build a reliable and dedicated team of drivers, ensuring smooth operations and long-term success.

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