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How Wise is helping to transform business owners’ self-employment experience

Wise is a FREE driver onboarding platform that allows last-mile delivery business owners who manage a self-employed workforce to streamline their business processes vastly.

Streamlined driver onboarding process

The Wise system allows business owners to digitalise the admin-heavy, long-winded process of onboarding new self-employed drivers. Through the innovative platform, business owners can onboard a driver in less than 30 minutes, as all drivers are required to submit all evidences and documentation through the Wise mobile app – removing the typical hassle around documentation and evidence.

Not only this, but as a main contractor, you also have the ability to approve or decline any evidences that your drivers have uploaded, helping to improve the communication line with drivers.

Digital document storage

Once drivers have uploaded all documentation and evidences, all paperwork will be stored in the Wise portal for you to refer back to. Not only will this help you to increase your business’ compliance levels, but all documents are ready to be downloaded at the click of a button, making any audits both quick and simple.

Retaining drivers

Retaining drivers has never been easier! With Wise, you can give your drivers access to a free discount platform offering money off hundreds of major retailers, high-street stores, restaurants, and more!

In addition, Wise partners with an expert accountancy company that can provide your drivers with the very best tax advice to help them boost their take-home pay by up to £30 per week (at no extra cost to you or your business!)


We have a specialist in-house compliance team that reviews contracts and SLAs and can even provide your company with a templated contract if you don’t currently have any in place. 

Our team is constantly on hand to provide you with the very best advice to ensure your business is operating compliantly

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