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3 steps to a perfect driver onboarding process in 2023

A well-structured driver onboarding process is essential for ensuring the seamless integration of new drivers into your courier company. With the evolving trends of the logistics industry as well as technological advancements in 2023, it’s crucial to stay updated and adopt a driver onboarding process that sets the stage for success. 

1. Driver background and toxicology checks

When recruiting new self-employed drivers, it is important to conduct background checks. With safety and security being top priorities for delivery businesses and their customers, it is essential to bring onboard drivers who have a clean and reliable background. Leveraging advanced technology, courier firms can effectively and accurately assess the eligibility and suitability of potential new self-employed drivers.

Through the Wise Portal, delivery business owners have the capability to upload driver background and toxicology checks directly into the system, marking them as either pass or fail. These important checks are securely stored within the driver’s profile, ensuring easy accessibility and long-term visibility. This feature helps courier firms proactively manage compliance requirements, enabling them to stay on top of essential documentation and ensure adherence to HMRC and carrier standards. By using the Wise Portal, delivery businesses can streamline their compliance processes and maintain a comprehensive record of driver background and toxicology checks for future reference.

2. Digital Driver Onboarding Journey

Incorporating a digital driver onboarding journey is vital for an efficient onboarding process.  Allowing new drivers to submit evidence and electronically sign documentation means you can onboard them more quickly and prevent good drivers from going elsewhere.

This step not only reduces paperwork but also ensures accurate and secure storage of essential driver documents such as licences, right to work, contracts, etc. By streamlining this process, you can eliminate delays and errors while maintaining compliance with carrier and HMRC regulations.

With the Wise Platform, you have the flexibility to customise the documents and evidences you need from self-employed drivers during their onboarding process. This ensures that no essential information is overlooked and that all required documents are collected and securely stored in one single place. By centralising these documents, you can easily access them for any upcoming audits, providing peace of mind.

3. Speed

According to  Statista, in May 2023 the value of internet retail sales in the United Kingdom reached a value of over £2.26 billion, up from April 2023. Therefore, the need for efficient operations, minimising the time taken to onboard new drivers is more important than ever to meet these new demands. Streamlining administrative tasks, implementing digital software, and leveraging automation means courier firms can significantly reduce the time it takes to get delivery drivers out on the road.

By utilising the Wise Portal to onboard drivers, you can save up to 10 hours per week through digital document collection, electronic signatures, and automating compliance checks. Additionally, the intuitive and user-friendly Wise Driver app accelerates the process, allowing drivers to complete necessary tasks quickly and efficiently. The Wise Platform prioritises speed in the onboarding process, helping delivery businesses swiftly integrate new drivers into their workforce, minimising disruptions, and maximising productivity.

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Achieving a perfect driver onboarding process in 2023 requires delivery businesses to prioritise background and toxicology checks, implement a digital onboarding process, and ensure efficiency. The Wise Platform offers an all-in-one solution that enables courier companies to seamlessly integrate new self-employed drivers into their operations. With the Wise Platform, businesses can easily manage background and toxicology checks, ensuring compliance and safety.

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