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The impact of Digital GP services for self-employed drivers

As self-employed drivers navigate the nature of their on-the-go profession, traditional healthcare systems may not always fit with their changing schedules. Fortunately, adaptation and advances in technology have transformed the way self-employed drivers can access medical care.

The benefits of offering self-employed drivers Digital GP Services with Wise


Digital GP services bring healthcare directly to individuals, eliminating the need for time-consuming visits to a physical clinic. With just a few taps on their phones, self-employed drivers can now reach experienced doctors through virtual video consultations. This service provides a new level of convenience that gives drivers the ability to seek medical advice without interrupting their busy work schedule. Whether they provide a new prescription, medical advice, or fit notes and referral letters, Digital GP services enable courier drivers to access the care they need wherever they are, saving them time.

Immediate and On-Demand Healthcare Support through Wise:

Digital GP services offer immediate access to healthcare professionals, providing drivers with on-demand support when they need it most. Rather than waiting for an appointment, drivers can book their virtual consultation at a time that best suits them. This quick and convenient access to healthcare ensures that self-employed drivers can address health issues in a timely manner, helping them stay on top of their health and minimising the impact on their work.

Flexibility to suit drivers' work commitments

Self-employed drivers often work unconventional hours, including evenings, weekends, and public holidays. Traditional healthcare services may not be readily available during these times, leaving drivers with little or no options for seeking medical care. Digital GP services, on the other hand, operate 24/7, providing drivers with the flexibility to access healthcare whenever they need it. This flexibility ensures that drivers can focus on their health without sacrificing their work commitments or waiting for clinics to open.

Through the Wise app, self-employed drivers have the ultimate convenience of having prescription medication available for collection or delivery. Drivers have the option to receive their prescribed medication through next-day delivery, either at their home address or workplace, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Driver Wellbeing and Peace of Mind:

Digital GP services empower self-employed drivers to take proactive control of their health and wellbeing. This accessibility to healthcare not only improves physical health but also offers peace of mind and reduces stress for drivers. Knowing that professional medical support is just a few clicks away provides a sense of reassurance and enables drivers to focus on their work with confidence. 

Not only this, but the cost of prescribed medication is also covered by Wise, eliminating any additional prescription fees. The service also offers the provision of fit notes and referral letters, ensuring that drivers have access to the necessary documentation when required for work or specialist care. 

These benefits collectively ensure that self-employed drivers receive comprehensive healthcare support, conveniently and affordably, from a trusted healthcare partner.

Why should delivery businesses offer their self-employed drivers a Digital GP service?

  • Improved self-employed driver well-being – Access to a Digital GP service demonstrates a clear commitment to the well-being of self-employed drivers. This enhances self-employed driver satisfaction and loyalty, leading to a healthier and more happier workforce.
  • Reduced driver turnover rate – Offering a Digital GP service can help delivery businesses attract and retain talented drivers. Drivers are more likely to choose and remain with a courier company that understands the importance of their driver’s mental health and offers accessible healthcare services. 
  • Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency: When drivers have easy access to GP services, they can address healthcare issues promptly, reducing the impact on their work. A Digital GP service allows drivers to consult with healthcare professionals quickly and receive necessary treatments or medications whilst continuing their delivery routes with minimal disruption. This leads to increased productivity, reduced downtime, and improved efficiency for the business.
  • Competitive advantage – Offering a Digital GP service sets delivery businesses apart from their competitors. It demonstrates a forward-thinking and innovative approach to driver well-being, which can attract both drivers and customers. 

Digital GP services have had a transformative impact on the health and wellbeing of self-employed drivers. By providing convenient access to healthcare, immediate support, flexible scheduling, continuity of care, and enhanced wellbeing, these services empower drivers to prioritise their health while maintaining their professional commitments. As digital GP services continue to evolve, self-employed drivers can look forward to a healthier and more sustainable career, knowing that their healthcare needs are being met with ease and efficiency.

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