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How the Wise app is improving self-employed driver wellbeing

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In today’s fast-paced world, last-mile logistics has become a popular choice for many individuals seeking flexible work opportunities.

The logistics sector has witnessed tremendous growth with self-employed courier drivers, who have been taking to the wheel to provide transportation services. However, this adaptable lifestyle can come with its own set of challenges and issues. 

At Wise, we recognise the need for improved driver wellbeing; the Wise driver app has recently launched new features providing support for self-employed drivers, prioritising their mental health and overall wellbeing.

The benefits of providing counselling services to drivers

Due to the competitive nature of the logistics industry, delivery companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways to support their self-employed drivers. Counselling can help improve mood, treat mental illness, reduce medical costs, improve communication and relationships, and promote self-esteem.

  • Improved Driver Wellbeing – Working as a delivery driver can be demanding and isolating, causing increased worry, anxiety, and burnout. By offering counselling services, delivery businesses are actively priortising and protecting the mental and emotional well-being of their self-employed driver workforce. By addressing these issues, logistics businesses can foster a supportive environment that promotes driver well-being and reduce the risk of driver turnover.
  • Increased job satisfaction – When courier drivers have access to personal support, they feel valued; this increased sense of care and attention provides a higher level of role satisfaction among drivers. As drivers receive the necessary support, they are more likely to feel fulfilled in their role and remain committed to the delivery business.
  • Enhanced driver retention  – The last-mile delivery industry is highly competitive; because of this, drivers often move between different businesses, and this turnover can be expensive and disruptive. By offering counselling services, delivery businesses can improve driver turnover rates, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings associated with both driver recruitment and training.
  • Increased driver productivity and performance – When drivers’ mental and emotional well-being is priortised, they are much more likely to perform at their best. By addressing self-employed drivers’ mental health needs, delivery businesses can create an environment where drivers can perform optimally, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and a higher quality of service.

On-demand Counseling with Wise

A key feature that makes the Wise Driver App truly unique is its offering of on-demand counselling services. We realise that drivers face unique challenges, including long hours on the road on their own, navigating through congested traffic, and managing their finances.

The Wise app offers drivers the convenience of accessing professional counseling services anytime and anywhere, making it easier to cope with stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.

Tailored support for self-employed drivers' needs

The Wise Driver app recognises that each driver has different needs and preferences. It provides personalised support by offering a range of counselling services to suit the desired needs of the individual, including one-on-one sessions, telephone sessions, face-to-face counselling and the ability to extend this support to family and friends.

This flexibility ensures that self-employed drivers can choose the relevant support that best suits their individual requirements, making it a reliable platform on their journey towards better mental health.

By providing counseling services to delivery drivers, businesses can unlock a multitude of benefits. Improved driver well-being, increased job satisfaction, enhanced driver retention, increased productivity and performance, and a positive courier brand image are just some of the advantages that delivery businesses can gain.

Prioritising the mental and emotional health of self-employed drivers not only creates a supportive work environment but also contributes to the overall success of courier businesses. By investing in counseling services, delivery businesses demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their drivers, leading to a happier, healthier, and more engaged workforce.

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