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Why is there a high turnover rate for self-employed drivers

Have you ever questioned why some businesses are so successful at retaining their self-employed drivers?

Anyone who works within the logistics sector will know that the churn rate of subcontractors is an ongoing issue. However, it is worth considering why this personnel problem affects some delivery firms more than others. 

Regardless of how your business operates, high turnover doesn’t always have to be the case. By employing a few crucial strategies, you can greatly increase your chances of ensuring that your business has the best chance of retaining your delivery drivers.

Before you start making changes to improve your turnover rates, it’s important to understand why the rate is so high, to begin with. For instance, is it the norm in your industry? Do you know what the typical turnover rate is for competitors in your region?

How to fix turnover issues

1. Wages

If local competitors are advertising similar roles with higher route rates than what you’re paying your courier drivers currently, your workers are likely to begin to look elsewhere.

It can be challenging to match competitor pay, particularly during the current cost-of-living crisis. However, by working with Wise, you’ll be able to boost your driver’s take-home pay through our expert accountancy services at no extra cost to your business. 

We work with over 60,000 UK self-employed drivers, and on average, we have boosted their take-home pay by £30 a week – that’s £1,500 a year!

2. Your competitors are offering more

“Offering more” doesn’t necessarily just mean earnings – it can refer to things like faster onboarding, less hassle around invoicing, driver rewards, and a smooth payment process.

It’s good to keep an eye out for what your competitors offer; any extra perks will lure your self-employed workforce away and decrease your long-term retention prospects.

Through Wise, we can offer your subcontractors free access to a discount platform with great deals from major retailers, restaurants, high-street stores, and much more!

3. Poor management

Poor management can mean different things to different people – lack of recognition, no structure, or micromanagement commonly cause people to leave within the first few months.


If your self-employed workforce begins to feel unappreciated and taken for granted, they will start looking for other businesses to work for.

If you’re unsure where to start to improve your self-employed driver retention rate, drop us a message on our contact us page, we can help!


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