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Last week we invited many of our clients to a day of indoor skydiving followed by complimentary dinner and drinks.

After the success of our golf day at the Belfry, we were excited to get the next date booked in the diary before peak kicked off. We knew we wanted it to be indoors, and based on feedback from the last event, we knew it needed to be either in the north or south.

That’s when we discovered iFLY – with locations in both Manchester and Milton Keynes, it conveniently ticked all boxes.

All of our guests received two flights in the wind tunnel including a high dive, photos, video and a flight certificate, followed by a three-course dinner at Bills Restaurant (Manchester) or Miller & Carter (Milton Keynes).

As a first for many clients, everyone was very excited to get kitted up for our first dive. As we entered the chamber, we could hear the giant fans turn on (which made us grateful for the ear plugs) and then proceeded to lean forward into winds of up to 180mph.

We had a skilled member of the team with us at all times holding us in place and helping us to perfect our ‘flying’ positions, followed by a lift to the very top of the wind tunnel! To finish, we were all treated to a breathtaking and heart-stopping display from the professionals.

This fantastic event was yet another great opportunity to chat with some familiar faces, meet some new ones and introduce Debbie Florence, the latest addition to our Customer Success Team.

Throughout the day we received lots of positive feedback, and it was especially wonderful to hear how much the Wise system is helping our clients’ businesses on a daily basis. While the team are now working hard to document and prioritise your suggestions, we would like to remind everyone that Scheduling and Driver Protection (life insurance and payment protection) are just around the corner, with both expected to launch in early 2023.

With peak now drawing closer, we’re turning our attention toward Christmas hampers and we will be in touch with everyone in the coming weeks to confirm delivery details – we look forward to seeing even more clients at the next event.

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