Rocket Delivery Services

26 January, 2022

Founded in September 2020, Rocket Delivery Services Ltd is a courier company based in Bathgate, Scotland that has over 50 drivers delivering parcels on behalf of Amazon.

The challenge

Recently, Rocket found itself in a situation where its onboarding process was not only disjointed but was also taking up a lot of administrative time for its office-based team. At the time, onboarding new subcontractor drivers required manual intervention and hands-on administration, as there was no other way of communicating with applicants as they moved through the onboarding and documentation process.

The solution

Harnessing the Wise platform, Rocket is now able to have complete control over its incoming driver pipeline. On top of this, the delivery firm is now able to take all of its documentation online, cutting down drastically on the amount of admin within the onboarding process and helping to improve the business’ protection from a compliance perspective. On top of this, as the business continues to grow, Rocket is able to provide its incoming self-employed drivers with a smooth and simple onboarding process which provides a better experience for the subcontractor, improving workforce relations and retention in the long term.

The results

By choosing to implement technology that has been designed to specifically benefit the self-employed industry, Rocket Delivery Services is able to simplify its onboarding process whilst also saving time, money and stress as it engages its self-employed workforce. The courier firm now has complete peace of mind from a compliance perspective, knowing that all of its drivers have the correct documents uploaded and stored digitally for any potential audits.

The Scottish based firm now works with over 50 self-employed drivers acting as a courier company at the beginning of an expansion plan.

“Wise makes onboarding easy, it takes seconds to invite a new candidate and their onboarding progress is clearly visible. I know each and every candidate has all the documents they need so I don’t need to worry about compliance audits coming around.”

Lorraine Cassidy, Managing Director at Rocket Delivery Services

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