Blue Sky Logistics

30 May, 2024

Blue Sky Logistics is located in London, with over 60 self-employed drivers, working on behalf of Amazon.

The problem

Blue Sky Logistics faced several challenges around struggling to keep up with compliance expectations and a lack of control and flexibility when it came to paying their drivers.

The Solution

The logistics firms were introduced to Wise back in 2020, and have since been able to resolve their issues.

The Wise Platform has enabled Blue Sky Logistics to be in touch with compliance rules and regulations through both the software functionality and the support provided by the Wise team.

Additionally, the payments portal has provided the firm with more control over the payments they are making to their drivers, allowing them to make any necessary adjustments to account for last minute changes.

The results

Working alongside Wise, Blue Sky Logistics has experienced significant improvements.

Their designated account manager, Chloe Fowler, consistently provides support whenever needed. Wise maintains frequent communication with the firm, building a genuine partnership.


“Finally, everyone that we have had dealings with, via a call or online meeting, have been highly professional, courteous and basically very nice. They stand out from the market because of their customer service and personal approach. I would recommend Wise to anyone looking for the right support with their business. My business feels very looked after by the Wise team – something that has become a rare thing nowadays. – Leigh Cotterill – Blue Sky Logistics

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