Four Seasons Logistics

29 April, 2024

Serving the West Thurrock area for 3 and half years, Four Seasons Logistics engaged with just over 50 courier drivers.

The problem

While encountering no particular challenges, Four Seasons Logistics opted to use the Wise Platform from the outset to streamline their operations.

The Solution

Four Seasons Logistics have been with Wise from the very beginning, reaping the rewards of our diverse range of features.

Specifically, the compliance functionality has solved numerous challenges for the logistics company. Conducting audits and managing documents in a compliant manner has streamlined their processes and allowed them to gain confidence. 

The results

Our commitment to providing friendly and responsive support ensures that queries from  Four Seasons Logistics are promptly addressed, aiding them in maintaining compliance effortlessly. 

Additionally, the introductions of numerous new features on the Wise app have been enthusiastically embraced by their drivers, who have expressed how these enhancements have positively transformed their roles.


“Thanks for the amazing new features and your continuous work to ensure our business  remains compliant.” – Kemi, Four Seasons Logistics

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