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Consignia Logistics

Consignia Logistics Ltd is a leading North-East multi-drop delivery company working as an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. Despite only being operating since August 2020, they were named the No.1 best performer in the UK for 2021 based on Amazon’s scorecard.


Active drivers

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The challenge

The delivery firm, based in Jarrow, needed to find an efficient, time-saving way to onboard their constant pipeline of incoming self-employed delivery drivers. The business was also keenly aware that all of this needed to be done in a way that completely protected them from a compliance perspective.

The solution

Wise is a technology specialist improving the self-employed sector for both the companies working with self-employed individuals and also the self-employed individuals too. Utilising our expert knowledge in the self-employed industry, Consignia was able to improve driver communication as well as being able to digitally manage its documentation sharing and storage. The North-East based firm has also been able to make the most of specialist guidance and safeguarding from our specially trained consultants across tax, compliance and in particular, contracts.
“Wise keeps getting better. I love the updates and the added functionality. It saves me so much time not only gathering details from new drivers but also in compliance and credibility.”

Dave Wood, Managing Director

The benefits & results

Consignia was able to save money, time and stress by using the integrated Wise system which offered them a complete overview of their driver pipeline whilst also remaining protected from a compliance and HMRC perspective. As the delivery company continues to grow, it is able to develop clearer communication with its subcontractors, helping to improve driver retention in the long term.

The North-East based firm now works with over 60 self-employed drivers operating as a delivery partner for the biggest retailer in the world.

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