NAS Logistics (NI)

26 April, 2024

Located in Belfast, NAS Logistics (NI) operates out of one depot, managing a team of approximately 40-50 self-employed drivers who complete deliveries on behalf of Amazon.

The problem

NAS Logistics faced significant challenges in managing driver invoices effectively. The process of ensuring payments were accurate, on time and sent to the correct recipient was causing the team a lot of unwanted stress.

Additionally, they faced concerns regarding compliance issues in their onboarding process, posing a threat to the company’s adherence to carrier rules and government regulations.

The solution

In response to these challenges, NAS Logistics adopted the Wise Platform to solve these problems.

Transitioning from a manual process, they found the switch to Wise extremely simple and made them feel valued and secure knowing they were being compliant and receiving the best service possible.

Wise provided a suite of services covering onboarding, payments, compliance and retention, addressing all aspects of their operational needs. This enabled NAS Logistics to have confidence, knowing that everything was taken care of, and most importantly know that their business is compliant in every way possible.

The results

By partnering with Wise, NAS Logistics experienced a transformation in their business operations. The utilisation of the Wise Platform streamlined their payroll, onboarding, compliance and retention processes.

NAS Logistics (NI) also benefited from clear, concise communication from Wise, ensuring they have a thorough understanding at every step of the way.

This newfound efficiency and compliance confidence allowed the logistics firm to operate with ease, knowing that their business processes are fully compliant.


“Great all round experience” – Norman, NAS Logistics (NI)

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