LMS Euro

30 May, 2024

Operating out of one depot in Doncaster and founded in August 2020, LMS Euro currently has a driver workforce of circa 50 drivers.

The problem

LMS Euro, like many of our clients, didn’t face specific challenges initially but chose to partner with Wise from the start of their business. The Wise Platform was introduced to them by Amazon’s onboarding team.

Despite being approached by competitors, the logistics firm recognised the significant advantages the Wise Platform could offer.

The Solution

The compliance functionality of the Wise Platform provided LMS Euro with peace of mind, knowing that Wise covered them in areas such as creating paper trails for audits and receiving notifications when required documents were close to expiring.

Additionally, our expert team’s compliance services offer LMS Euro extra protection. They are available for guidance on status and regulations, offering dedicated support whenever needed.

The results

By adopting the Wise Platform, LMS Euro has enjoyed only positive experiences. The logistics firm partially values the constant availability of the Wise team, which has greatly contributed to their satisfaction with our service.

A standout feature for LMS Euro is our compliance team’s role in drafting and writing their Service Level Agreement, giving them complete confidence that their workforce is operating compliantly.


“Our Client Services Manager, Chloe Fowler, is always happy to help.” – Raees, LMS EURO

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