Consignment X Logistics

8 March, 2022

In September 2021 Consignment X Logistics began operating as a delivery service partner on behalf of Amazon, operating a fleet of over 30 vans to deliver parcels.

The challenge

As the Bristol-based firm was new to the logistics industry, they required a simple onboarding system to bring in a number of self-employed drivers and get them out delivering parcels quickly.

The solution

Looking to make its mark in the industry, Consignment X Logistics partnered with Wise to use its digital system to implement the onboarding process and compliant conditions. Wise provides technology to companies in the self-employed sector to help with everything from onboarding through to compliance and payroll management. By utilising the Wise platform, Consignment X Logistics is now able to see a total overview of their subcontractors through the integrated digital platform, remain confident from a compliance perspective and build a happy working relationship with their subcontractors through the app.

The results

Through the Wise onboarding platform, Consignment X Logistics was able to streamline its onboarding process, allowing the company to make dynamic business decisions quickly, as it had a complete overview of its driver pipeline, as well as any compliance risks, at its fingertips. 

On top of this, the firm was also able to digitally store documents such as contracts and policies, meaning they did not have to pay for document storage software and were also well-equipped for any future HMRC compliance audits.

The South-West based firm has been able to grow impressively in a short time and now works with around 60 self-employed drivers, delivering packages to customers across The United Kingdom.

“Anyone setting themselves up as an Amazon DSP should use Wise for their onboarding from the start. It is an easy tool and ensures you follow the onboarding steps required by the carrier. The system makes Amazon audits quick and easy to submit.”

Luke Thompson, Managing Director

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