A2B Logistical Solutions

29 April, 2024

Located in Lutterworth and established for several years, A2B Logistical Solutions operates from a single depot and engages 50 self-employed drivers.

The problem

While encountering no particular challenges, A2B Logistical Solutions opted to use the Wise Platform from the outset to streamline their operations, making things easier!

The Solution

Recommended from the Amazon onboarding team, A2B Logistical Solutions benefit the most from Wise’s compliance services and dedicated support.

Through the functionalities in the Wise Platform, such as audit packs, SLA re-sign notifications, Expiry Hub, combined with the expertise of our compliance professionals A2B Logistical can rest assured that their business is safeguarded appropriately.

The results

The utilisation of the Wise Platform has led to significant improvements in the operational efficiency of A2B Logistical Solutions. Our user-friendly portal has played a pivotal role in facilitating seamless operations, streamlining processes and ultimately driving increased productivity.

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