Maps Logistics

6 June, 2024

Based in Swansea, Maps Logistics has been delivering from 1 depot since October 2020, with over 70 self-employed drivers.

The problem

The logistics firm realised they were struggling with record-keeping and found their previous onboarding process complicated, raising concerns about noncompliance. This was a significant issue for Maps Logistics, as compliance was of utmost importance to them.

Before Wise, the firm was using Google Drive and Google Sheets to manage their entire business. This manual process was time-consuming and led to confusion among all parties involved.  

The Solution

Maps Logistics benefits from the entire Wise solution, which includes onboarding, payments, compliance and retention. Specifically, the Payments portal has enabled them to quickly process all their drivers’ payments in one centralised location each week.

Through the perks that are offered to drivers via the Wise app, Maps Logistics has improved their retention rates, standing out from the competition!

The results

Through Wise functionality and service, Maps Logistics is now extremely satisfied knowing that their business is fully compliant. Additionally, their new seamless onboarding process ensures that all documents are stored correctly and securely, guaranteeing that their drivers have the correct and valid information to work.

The payments platform has improved the experience for both the logistics firm and the drivers: the firm now has an easy way to pay their drivers, and drivers receive their pay on time each week.


“Wise has understood the specific needs of courier businesses and tailored a product to address those issues specifically, making our life easier.” – Maps Logistics

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