Ebee Logistics

31 May, 2024

Ebee Logistics Limited has been an Amazon Delivery Service Partner 2.0 for close to three years. Over the past year, the firm has taken on a second depot with Amazon, with over 80 drivers shared between the two sites.

Currently, they have 56 vans on the road and are excited for their further growth this year!

The problem

Ebee Logistics Limited has used Wise since they entered the logistics sector. Elliot, the founder, having previously worked in the education industry, identified the biggest problem and risk was onboarding his staff in a compliant and efficient manner. He realised he faced the same issue in his delivery business, causing stunted growth leaving a lack of clarity in their onboarding and document storage processes.

The logistics firm had tried another software before choosing to work with Wise but found the system to not be interactive enough or accessible for their drivers.

The Solution

Ebee logistics Limited benefits primarily from the functionality and services of Wise’s compliance aspect. Without the knowledge and services that Wise provides, the delivery business believes they would be at considerable risk from an audit and safety standpoint.

Recommended by Amazon, Ebee Logistics chose to work with Wise due to its friendly, helpful and intuitive approach, which aids in the growth and development of their business.

The results

The delivery firm values being a part of Wise’s growth as it helps their business develop with new functionalities continually introduced.

Additionally, the Wise Platform enables efficient and scalable growth while decreasing the workload levels at the user end.


“As long as Wise keeps developing the way they are, I am in it for the long run!” – Ebee Logistics

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