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Thistle Deliveries Ltd was established in July 2020 specifically to provide support such as branded vans and delivery drivers to Amazon’s new Aberdeen Distribution Centre.

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The challenge

The Scottish firm faced standard industry-wide issues around manually onboarding delivery drivers and liaising with them over the necessary documentation and contracts, using traditional platforms such as DocuSign. The newly-founded delivery business found this process to be a ‘nightmare’ as it needed to keep going back and forth with drivers to locate and share the correct files. Naturally, this consequently also impacted the way it was able to engage and communicate with its base of self-employed delivery drivers.

The solution

Thistle Deliveries partnered with Wise to streamline and improve its onboarding process, whilst making things easier for its subcontractor drivers. Wise provides technology to logistic companies in the self-employed industry helping them with everything from onboarding through to compliance and even payments.

By taking advantage of Wise’s free system, Thistle deliveries are now able to have a complete overview of its subcontractors, allowing it to see what stage the businesses’’ drivers are at in their onboarding process. Not only does this make it much easier and more efficient to contact its subcontractors with missing documentation, it is also able to store and sign documentation within the Wise platform so there is no need to pay for digital document-sharing platforms like it once.

The benefits

Through the Wise onboarding platform, Thistle Deliveries was able to improve its driver communication, as the drivers no longer had to deal with endless paperwork, as it is all done digitally.

As well as this, through Wise’s partnership with a specialist accountancy firm, Thistle’s subcontractors were able to reduce the stress of raising their own invoicing and dealing with HMRC, as this is now all done on the driver’s behalf.

The Results

The logistics firm was able to save a huge amount of time and stress around managing its drivers, giving the business much more time to focus on long-term growth and expanding its delivery routes.