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Wise offer a free platform for businesses to help onboard, manage, and pay their self-employed drivers. Wise generates revenue by offering handy products such as accountancy and invoicing support to these self-employed drivers – but these are all completely optional for drivers.

Wise can save you valuable time every single week. Whether this is onboarding new drivers in as little as 30 minutes, taking all of the endless documentation and admin out of recruiting new drivers or just streamlining your weekly payments, this all adds up!

If you’re a delivery business owner, Wise can speed up and streamline your driver onboarding process. Through Wise, you can onboard new drivers in as little as 30 minutes, reduce admin and recruit new drivers easier than ever.

With Wise, managing driver payments has never been easier. The Wise platform empowers you to have full control over driver payments, offering flexibility to initiate pay runs at your convenience and make necessary adjustments as required. Moreover, the Payments Portal provides a user-friendly interface for auditing and visibility from a carrier perspective, ensuring compliance and enabling you to stay on top of your payment processes.

Wise offers specific features that can support your efforts to recruit and retain drivers effectively. With Wise, you can streamline the onboarding process for new drivers, ensuring you have all the necessary documents and paperwork within 30 minutes. Additionally, Wise provides drivers with a range of attractive perks, including discounts, round-the-clock mental health support, access to a Digital GP, and valuable advice to help boost their take-home earnings.

We recognise the significance of maintaining compliance for carriers and HMRC at Wise. As you go through the onboarding process with us, we provide a complimentary Contract For Services Review to ensure that your business and drivers are compliant. Furthermore, all relevant documentation is securely stored within our platform, readily available for easy download in case of any audits. Should you require legal assistance relating to contract law or employment law, our dedicated legal team is on hand to support you at no additional cost.

Wise ensures the secure storage of all necessary documentation and paperwork that drivers are required to submit or sign digitally during their onboarding process. These documents are safely stored within the Wise platform and can be easily accessed and downloaded whenever needed, such as for upcoming audits.

Wise offers a cost-effective solution for delivery businesses seeking to manage and onboard their self-employed drivers efficiently. By utilising the Wise portal, you can:

  • Streamline and simplify the onboarding process
  • Significantly reduce administrative tasks
  • Have constant access to expert legal advice from our compliance team
  • Automate driver payments

With Wise, you can optimise your operations while minimising costs and ensuring compliance with ease.

Delivery businesses utilising the Wise onboarding and compliance platform have a competitive edge in recruiting self-employed delivery drivers. These businesses can provide a seamless digital onboarding process that can be completed within a short span of 30 minutes. Moreover, by opting for a Wise driver product, these drivers can enhance their earnings and gain access to professional accounting assistance and exclusive discounts from various major retailers.

Onboarding drivers through Wise is a quick and straightforward process. You can invite drivers to Wise through your portal.

After the driver has installed the Wise app, they will be prompted to provide their personal information such as name, telephone number, address, and other relevant details about their business, such as whether they operate as a sole trader or a limited company.

Once all the those steps are completed, drivers will be presented with a summary of pre-interview tasks tailored to your business’s requirements. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, uploading their driving license, proof of right to work, insurance documents, or vehicle details.

When the driver finishes their part of the onboarding process, the responsibility falls on you to verify and approve the uploaded documents. If everything is in order, confirming their onboarding is as simple as clicking a button.

To onboard your drivers through Wise, your portal settings and onboarding process will be configured to suit your business by a member of Wise.

Once your portal is prepared for use, all you have to do is click the “”add a new driver”” button and provide their name, email address, and interview details. It’s a straightforward process!

After the driver has supplied all the necessary information, it is your responsibility to verify the authenticity of the provided details. Based on your assessment, you can either approve or decline their onboarding request.

Based on a recent survey, you can get drivers onboarded to Wise in no more than 30 minutes!

As a part of the onboarding process, drivers will be required to download the Wise app once they receive an invitation.

Upon downloading the app, drivers will need to complete their personal and business information. Additionally, they will be asked to upload any necessary documents and evidence that you have specified for their onboarding.

We understand that handling driver payments, route rates, and deductions can be a persistent challenge for delivery business owners. With Wise, you can simplify this process by managing all your payments through a user-friendly dashboard that allows real-time editing. Each week, you only need to make a single payment to Wise, and we take care of disbursing individual payments to drivers. They can conveniently track their upcoming payments through the Wise app, ensuring complete visibility and transparency.

Auditing is an essential part of the Wise platform. Using this system, you can effortlessly access an audit pack, which includes individual files for each driver. These files encompass all the necessary evidence and signed documentation for thorough record-keeping and reference purposes.

Data protection is something we take extremely seriously and is a key part of how Wise works with both delivery businesses and self-employed drivers. When a new driver joins the Wise system, the terms and conditions clearly specify the parties with whom their data will be shared. Subsequently, drivers provide their consent for this data sharing arrangement with the company they are onboarding with. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of all user data within the agreed-upon guidelines.

Of course! As a Wise client, you have the opportunity to benefit from professional legal support, access to pre-designed contract templates, and even receive a complimentary review of your existing contracts and service level agreements (SLAs). This comprehensive support ensures that your business is fully compliant and adequately protected against potential employment status challenges.

Unlimited amount of documents can be stored on the WIse platform at no extra cost.

No, using the Wise portal comes at no cost to you.

Yes, with just a simple click, you can effortlessly download all the documents and invoices submitted by drivers into an audit pack. This convenient feature allows you to access and gather the necessary files with ease, streamlining the auditing process.

Yes, you can view the inactive drivers tab within the Wise portal

We are constantly engaging with delivery business owners to identify areas where technology can assist in saving time, reducing costs, and alleviating stress. As part of this ongoing effort, Wise has dedicated significant resources to develop a scheduling tool. This tool will allow our main contractors to efficiently manage their workforce, schedule routes, and optimise driver capacity. Currently in the final stages of testing and feedback, we are thrilled to share further details on this feature with all our clients in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned for more information!

No – the Wise platform is completely free to any delivery business, regardless of how many drivers you have.

We offer multiple ways to enhance the self-employment experience for your drivers. Firstly, we facilitate a faster onboarding process for new drivers and provide them with exclusive high street discounts. Additionally, our products assist drivers with various aspects, including invoicing and accountancy, ultimately boosting their potential to earn more on a weekly basis.

The Wise platform is highly adaptable and can be customised to seamlessly fit the size and structure of your business. Whether you’ve got 30 drivers or 300 based across multiple depots, the system can support you in exactly the same way.

Absolutely! We have an exciting range of upcoming features that will enhance the experience for both main contractors and drivers using Wise. These exciting additions are scheduled for release in the coming months, bringing even more value and convenience to our users. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

DBS – TBC. background checks.

DVLA – no but you can upload van details.

Yes, we can, we send notifications when documents are close to expiring. Your SLA is reissued to drivers every 10 months to reaffirm the self-employed relationship between them and your business.

We know that a large part of the UK’s last-mile delivery industry is made up of European drivers, and so we’ve built this into the Wise system’s setup. For instance, we can accept a European driving licence as part of our evidence process with the drivers; – in addition, the drivers are asked to submit their right-to-work code, work visa, or applicable permit.

We help our clients effectively communicate with their drivers. Occasionally, our expert accountants at Securitax may need to get in touch with a driver about specific issues. Of course, the Wise Customer Services Team is also always available to help answer any queries from drivers.

Within the Wise app, drivers can work for as many different main contractors as they wish, onboarding with each of them digitally.

We understand that self-employed drivers often transition between different delivery businesses. With Wise, you can effortlessly add drivers to your system within 30 seconds, and removing inactive drivers is just as straightforward. In the event that a driver rejoins your company, a simple re-signing of the necessary documentation ensures that your business remains fully compliant, regardless of workforce changes. Our streamlined process facilitates seamless transitions and compliance management for your business.

A member of the Wise onboarding team will send you over your login details, via email, to be able to access the portal.

If by any chance your log in details don’t work, you can click ‘forgot password’ or contact [email protected].

To get your issue solved as quickly as possible, please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected]

No to access the Wise Portal, please visit the following URL:

Yes, he Wise Platform offers the flexibility to grant access to multiple users with different roles:

  1. Main Contractor Administrator – This user will have access to all areas of the system
  2. Main Contractor Finance Operations – This user will have finance-related access.
  3. Main Contractor POC (Point of Contact) – This is the same role as Main Contractor Administrator but for a specific depot or depots.

You can set these up yourself by clicking the cog icon then user management, or by speaking to your Customer Success Manager.

We ensure your data is kept safe with secure programming practices in our development team that are complimented by having regular penetration tests to ensure any vulnerabilities in our software are not only found but dealt with.

Not only this part of our certification with ISO means that we vet our people, policies and technology to ensure we can operate effectively and securely. ISO-27001 is an information security management framework to manage risk, cyber-resilience and operational excellence.

You will typically be introduced to our payments team a couple of weeks prior to your first payment through our platform. However, if you wish to get in touch with a member of the payments team before that time, you can visit the “Contacts” tab on our knowledge base and directly message our ‘Head Of Payments’. They will be happy to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

During your system set up process, your Customer Success Manager will create your account for you. They will ensure that all the necessary details are accurately set up according to your requirements. If any changes or modifications are needed, you can easily reach back out to them, they will be more than happy to assist you in making the necessary adjustments.

Certainly! As part of your onboarding and system setup process, we highly recommend that you have virtual training session with a member of the Wise onboarding team. This session will provide you with a great understanding of how to effectively utilise the portal.

In our Wise Portal, we have developed a Knowledge Base that provides a comprehensive system demonstration and detailed instructions on how to use the portal. If further assistance is required, please don’t hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager or Regional Account Manager.

If you need help using the Wise Portal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Regional Account Manager.

No, the products offered by Wise are entirely optional. However, it is worth noting that over 90% of drivers choose to opt for these products due to the benefits they offer. By selecting a product, drivers can increase their earnings, automate the generation of invoices, and even gain access to attractive high street discounts. While the choice to utilise these products is up to the drivers, the majority find them advantageous for enhancing their income and overall experience.

Yes, whilst we hope for the driver to be able to do this through their Wise application, for now, they will have to call a member of the Securitax Customer Services on 01277 424423 and they will help the driver with this.

If the driver has not seen the Securitax video on the Wise app, then please point them towards this. If they still do not understand, they should click on “Not Sure” and someone from Securitax will give them a call. If the driver has selected a service, but is still unsure what they signed up for, then please ask them to call our customer services team on 01277 424423.

The system automatically generates and sends an invitation email to the driver, containing the registration link. If the driver has not received this email, please ensure that their correct email address has been entered. If the issue persists, you can provide the driver with their access code to download the app. The access code can be found on their profile page and consists of a six-digit code located below their name.

There are a few potential reasons why your driver may be experiencing difficulties with their application. Have all their submitted evidence been approved? Have you marked them as ‘passed’ on their induction? It is crucial that all documents are signed by the driver and that the submitted evidence is approved by you for the driver to move forward in their application process. Ensuring these steps are completed will help resolve any issues and allow the driver to progress smoothly.

On the Wise system, all documents are signed and they are fully inducted before they’re asked to select a Securitax product. So you have everything you need and the driver has been educated of self-employment regardless of whether they select a product at all. If the driver is adamant they do not want to use Securitax, they should click “Not Sure” and someone from Securitax will call them to move them to “Active non-Securitax”.