New reporting feature

We have added 4 reports From the report screen, you can now easily identify drivers that have not signed updates SLA’s, drivers that have not progressed an application, drivers that have not downloaded the Wise app, and a report that shows each driver by their assigned depot

Drivers can now update their own information

We have great news! Drivers can now update their own personal information, saving time and making the process more secure, by giving drivers control over their data. What’s changed?   Drivers can now update their own information. Details such as addresses, VAT & payment details can now be edited by the driver directly in the […]

Streamlining the Dashboard

This week, we have made changes to the layout of the dashboard and the knowledge centre to make the system more user friendly. What’s Changed Streamlining the Dashboard We have re-ordered the featured stats, giving you the most important information. You may also have noticed that active drivers, onboarding drivers and inactive driver tiles are now clickable, taking you directly to […]

Wise System Update: Re-signing SLA’s & POC User Status

Exciting news, we have updated the Wise system again. Keep reading to learn more about what we have been up to and how it will make your life easier.  What’s changed? Re-signing updated SLA’s When you update your SLA, your current drivers will receive an email and a push notification (as long as they are […]

Wise System Update 1.0

We have recently updated the ‘My Drivers’ dashboard to explain driver statuses and to assist you and your drivers with the steps that need completing for your onboarding.  What’s new? Driver Status Tabs The Progress Bar R Numbers Driver Product Driver Status Tabs. The first new edition is the Driver Status Tabs. Driver Status Tabs […]

Wise – new system & mobile app launch


Wise is delighted to launch its new system and accompanying mobile app. In the past 12 months, we’ve bulked up our workforce from ten to almost forty as we address the ever-changing challenges that come with engaging a self-employed workforce. Explicitly designed to address long-term issues within the logistics industry such as poor staff retention, […]