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Wise System Update 1.0

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We have recently updated the ‘My Drivers’ dashboard to explain driver statuses and to assist you and your drivers with the steps that need to be completed for your onboarding. 

What’s new?

  • Driver Status Tabs
  • The Progress Bar
  • R Numbers
  • Driver Product

Driver Status Tabs.

The first new edition is the Driver Status Tabs. Driver Status Tabs simplify the system by providing drivers with three straightforward statuses. Active (drivers that have completed an onboarding process for a customer), Onboarding (drivers in the onboarding process for any customer) and Inactive (not active with any customer).

The progress bar.

We listened to your comments regarding your need for more ease of experience to see the driver’s onboarding stage and when action is required. So, we have launched a progress bar for drivers onboarding to help you distinctly see your tasks that have been completed, not started and most crucial, those that need your attention.

Understanding the icons in the progress section

Evidence (Driving License / RTW)

Documents / Policies


Background check


Payment details

SLA / Contract

What the colour codes mean

R numbers.

You need? We provide. Another addition we have added is the Securitax R-Number to the dashboard, this is to ensure payment processing is easier moving forward.

Driver product.

You are now also available to view the product each driver has purchased. This feature makes it much easier to recognise drivers that are raising their own invoices.

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