Everything you need to know about the Wise app.

The Wise app is an onboarding and payments platform for self employed drivers that helps you manage paperwork and increase your take-home pay.

Use our take-home pay calculator to see how we do it!

There are two Wise products to choose from: Wise Invoicing or the Wise Invoicing and Securitax Accountancy Bundle.

To access these benefits, you must select one of these products, but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything.

Drivers with Wise will...

Earn Faster.

We have streamlined onboarding! When you sign up, you can easily upload evidence, read documents and sign contracts, meaning you can get on the road faster and easier than ever before.

Get paid on time.

With Wise Invoicing, we generate invoices quickly and easily on your behalf to help streamline the payments process and ensure reliable payments.

Save when shopping.

All drivers with a Wise product can access our new Discounts feature. Now, you can get money off when shopping with over 900 brands to help you save money and manage the rising costs of living. 

Deliver stress-free.

Drivers using the Wise Invoicing & Accountancy product are appointed an accountant that will help take care of all their invoicing and accountancy needs, relieving them of the stress that comes with paperwork and dealing with end of year tax returns. 

Boost take-home pay.

Your accountant can also boost your income by £30 a week through the utilisation of government schemes and incentives. That's £1,500 a year!*

So how much is this going to cost me?

That's the best part, if you're eligible, the Wise & Securitax bundle pays for itself. Although the cost of this product is £15 a week, if you're earning over £200 a week, you won't need to worry about product fees, as they will be covered by the boost in your income thanks to our accountants.

Use the calculator below to discover how much extra you could be taking home.

Discover your boost!

Weekly take home pay*
Choose product*
+ VAT (@20%)
Gross Pay
- HMRC (@10%)
- Product Fee
Take Home pay
Your Income boost will be:
Each year*
*Based on 48 weeks
+ VAT (@20%)
Gross Pay
- HMRC (@10%)
- Product Fee
Take Home Pay
Your Income Boost will be:

*You will find out if you’re elibile for the Wise & Securitx bundle during the onboarding process

Wise Invoicing

£ 12
a week
  • Free phone support
  • Talk to us online
  • Connect your bank

Wise & Securitax Bundle

  • Everything included in Wise invoicing plus:
  • Manage income & expenses
  • Separate personal and business transactions​
  • Create estimates & quotes
  • Submit VAT to HMRC
  • Prepare Self Assessment
  • Check VAT for errors
  • Payroll*
Service Wise Invoicing Wise & Securitax Bundle
Free phone support
Talk to us online
Manage income & Expenses &#10007
Separate personal and business transactions
Create unlimited invoices (Coming soon!) &#10007 &#10007
Connect your bank &#10003 &#10003

Download the app

If you have been invited to the Wise system, please use the links below download the Wise app on your mobile device. You login details have been emailed to you.

If you have not received an invite or cannot find your login details, please contact your main contractor or cs@withwise.com.