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Give your drivers access to

Exclusive Perks

Improve the self-employment experience for your subcontractors by giving them access to a range of amazing high-street savings.

Discounts & Benefits

Discounts are here!

With our new Discounts feature, your drivers can get money off when shopping with over 900 brands.

Our discounts include the following categories:

  • Supermarkets 
  • Retail 
  • Coffee Shops 
  • Food & Drink
  • Sports
  • Experiences
  • Travel


Plus many more!

Drivers with Wise will...

Earn Faster.

With streamlined onboarding, your drivers can submit all evidence and paperwork digitally through the Wise app, cutting down on admin and meaning they can get out on the road in as little as 30 minutes.

Get discounts on over 900 brands.

Through the Wise app, your drivers are able to access a range of monthly discounts on everything from high street shops to supermarkets - saving cash each week.

Get paid on time.

With Wise Invoicing, your drivers’ invoices are generated quickly and easily to ensure accuracy without all the endless paperwork.

Stress-free accounting.

Drivers using the Wise Invoicing & Accountancy product are appointed an accountant that will help take care of everything from VAT registration to quarterly tax returns, taking away any HMRC-related headaches.

Boost take-home pay.

By using Wise, your drivers can also boost their income by £30 a week through the utilisation of government schemes and incentives. That's £1,500 a year!*


So how much is this going to cost your drivers?

That’s the best part, the Wise & Securitax bundle pays for itself. Although the cost of this product to subcontractors is £15 a week, any driver earning over £200 a week, won’t need to worry about product fees, as they will be covered by the boost in your income thanks to our accountants.

We Improve Self Employment.

Maximise your drivers’ income and reduce risk with Wise.

Tax and Accountancy.

We’ll raise your drivers' invoices and sort their taxes, job done.

Low cost vehicles.

Give them access to reduced costs and retained income with the best-priced vehicles.

Industry-leading insurance.

Discounted insurance with Wise at the click of a button.

Sickness and injury cover.

Extra protection for your drivers at no extra cost.

Death and disablement cover.

Wise has your drivers covered in case of death or serious injury.

Discounts and benefits.

Big savings from big names, all for free with Wise.

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