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Manage Your Driver Payments In One Place With Complete Control

Process weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payments, helping you pay self-employed drivers quickly and efficiently in four easy steps.

Are you a main contractor?

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How payments works

Using a 3 step system you can easily input your drivers pay into the portal, leaving the payment distribution to us. Insure your self-employed drivers get paid on time, every time.

Create An Appealing Opportunity For Potential Drivers

Make auditing easy

Say goodbye to searching through emails and messy audit processes, with Wise you can download all invoices from the system at the touch of a button.

Boost your drivers earning potential

Through expert accountancy, eligible drivers can boost their earning potential up to £30 per week through Wise via the Flat Rate VAT Scheme – that’s over £1,500 per year!

Give your drivers Discounts

Each month your drivers can get access to exclusive discounts through the Wise app, allowing them to save money at high street retailers, restaurants and many more places.

Improved driver wellbing

Take care of your drivers mental health by offering the following: On-demand access to trained counsellors. Unlimited* phone and face-to-face sessions. Available for family and friends.

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