Which product is right for you?

Boost your income by up to

£ 0

per year with the Wise & Securitax bundle

Wise Invoicing + Accountancy

With the bundle, everything from Wise invoicing plus:

  • An appointed accountant
  • Advice on tax & expenses
  • Submit self-employment tax returns
  • Administer quarterly VAT returns

For example....

Total weekly income: £633.00

Wise Invoicing

With Wise Invoicing you can:

  • Raise invoices
  • Receive weekly payments
  • Receive payment amounts via text

For example....

Total weekly income: £587.50

What is
the Flat Rate VAT Scheme?

The Flat Rate VAT scheme was set up by the HMRC to simplify VAT for small companies and self-employed entities. 

You charge VAT at the usual 20% and pay a lower amount to the HMRC, dependent on your profession. The balance is for the entity to keep. 

Please see the calculation above as an example.