How do I onboard drivers through Wise? - withwise

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Onboarding drivers through Wise is a quick and straightforward process. You can invite drivers to Wise through your portal.

After the driver has installed the Wise app, they will be prompted to provide their personal information such as name, telephone number, address, and other relevant details about their business, such as whether they operate as a sole trader or a limited company.

Once all the those steps are completed, drivers will be presented with a summary of pre-interview tasks tailored to your business’s requirements. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, uploading their driving license, proof of right to work, insurance documents, or vehicle details.

When the driver finishes their part of the onboarding process, the responsibility falls on you to verify and approve the uploaded documents. If everything is in order, confirming their onboarding is as simple as clicking a button.