On the Wise system, all documents are signed and they are fully inducted before they’re asked to select a Securitax product. So you have everything you need and the driver has been educated of self-employment regardless of whether they select a product at all. If the driver is adamant they do not want to use Securitax, they should click “Not sure” and someone from Securitax will call them to move them to “Active non-Securitax.”

Yes, whilst we hope for the driver to be able to do this through their Wise application.  For now, they will have to call a member of the Securitax Customer Services on 01277 424423 and they will help the drivers with this.

Please inform your Account Manager and they will see that the driver gets a call that day. Please note, someone at Securitax may have tried to call them, but maybe they have not picked up.

If the driver has not seen the Securitax video on the Wise app, then please point them towards this. If they still do not understand, they should click on “Not sure” and someone from Securitax will give them a call. If the driver has selected a service, but is still unsure what they are signed up for, then please ask them to call our customer services team on 01277 424423.

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