Managing Drivers.

You invite an existing driver in the same way you invite a new driver, from the invite a driver button.

Please contact your Account Manager to have this email removed from the system. You can still invite the correct email for the time being.

We have icons that represent what tasks have been completed within the onboarding process. This can be viewed in the onboarding tab via the drivers engagement details.

N/A indicates this task isn’t needed

Grey indicates this task is yet to be completed

Orange indicates a task that is either in progress or requires approval

Purple indicates a fully completed task

You can mark this driver as a non-starter from the onboarding drivers tab and this will fail the application. There are three dots visible by a drivers name, actions can be triggered from here.

All signed policies and documents are listed in the driver engagement details tab.

Once a driver signs their Service Level Agreement with you, they will automatically appear in the active driver list.

The dashboard will present a total figure of your active drivers, which you can select to go to the entire list. For more detail on who they are, all active drivers can be found via the active drivers tab on the ‘My Drivers’ page.

You can offboard a driver from the ‘Active drivers’ tab or on the driver individual profile page.

Yes, you simply invite them like a new driver.

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