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Driver onboarding software designed to make peak a success

Wise is a driver management platform that offers last-mile courier businesses quick onboarding, easy driver payments and a competitive advantage when recruiting and retaining delivery drivers.

Are You Ready For Peak?

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Reduce The Stress of Peak

As a courier business recruiting and retaining drivers for peak can be a challenge – not to mention onboarding and paying them quickly and efficiently too. That’s where Wise can help!

Wise is a digital platform that onboards your drivers compliantly in as little as 30 minutes. Not only this with Wise, you can pay your drivers in one single pay-run within our bespoke dashboard.

Wise gives you more time to focus on delivering the best service to your customers and nurturing the growth of your business this peak season.

Get more time on your hands, more money in your pocket and less weight on your shoulders with Wise.

Offer exclusive perks when recruiting and retaining drivers

Offer quicker onboarding, transparent payments, and exclusive perks that are not available anywhere else. With Wise you can give drivers access to digital GP, Van assist, cashback and discounts at no extra cost to you.

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Save 10 hours a week when onboarding drivers

The Wise platform streamlines driver onboarding by giving a comprehensive overview of your drivers’ onboarding process on one dashboard.

We tailor the onboarding process to your specific needs by configuring customisable information fields, building up document libraries, and helping you to collect the right information from drivers to be compliant.

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Have peace of mind when onboarding drivers

Our legal team will conduct a free status audit, providing valuable recommendations to strengthen your existing SLA contract and other policies, or create new ones based on your business needs. The platform also stores essential documents on a user-friendly interface allowing you to download audit packs at a click of a button.

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Pay your drivers easily

Take the stress out of pay day and pay all your drivers in one pay-run with our simple 4 step process. Raise invoices, settle disputes, and quickly complete your pay-run in the Wise platform. 

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