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Streamline, Grow and Retain a Self-Employed Drivers

Streamline your business with the Wise platform, 100% flexible with the easiest documents & evidence collection solution. Grow your business with a fully compliant network of drivers and offer marketing leading perks & discounts to keep your driver on the move.

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Discover a driver management platform that helps your business work smarter.  It’s a better way to manage your drivers and boost efficiency with our platform

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The all in one platform that will improve efficiency, streamline operations and manage drivers effortlessly

Onboard New Drivers In As Little As 30 Seconds!

Give your drivers the opportunity to get out earning as quickly as possible through a fast digital onboarding process. By submitting their evidence and documents digitally, you and your drivers can save time drivers save time.

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Make Secure Driver Payments

Efficiently pay your drivers. After you’ve provided us with payment information, our dedicated payments team will take care of all individual payments, with Wise raising invoices on behalf of the drivers. Meaning that your drivers get paid efficiently, on time, every time.

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Notifications & Automation

We automate the notification process for expired documents and seamlessly request drivers to upload new versions. Keeping driver information up to date and maintaining compliance.

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Give App Exclusive Benefits

By using the Wise platform and offering the Wise app you can provide  leading tax & accountancy services and exclusive discounts, perks and wellness services only available from Wise.

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Leading Tax & Accountancy Services

Help drivers maximise their take-home pay with expert accountancy and tax advice. Through the Wise invoicing and accountancy bundle, drivers can improve their financial management with VAT registration and tax returns, whilst boosting their earnings at no cost to your business.

Driver tax & Accountancy

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