Employee spotlight - Becky | Wise

Employee spotlight – Becky

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This month’s employee spotlight is on our Product Coordinator, Becky Fenwick.



Becky Fenwick

What is your role at Wise?

Product Coordinator


What does your day-to-day work look like?

Typically, it has involved working with integrating Wise with the Securitax system – Salesforce. Moving forwards, I will be working with Blair on developing new products within the Product Team.


What's the culture like at Wise?

Wise is such a happy place to work, I love that you can have jokes with colleagues, but then at the same time, everyone is very good at knuckling down and getting things done. 

What's special about working at Wise?

Having worked in corporate roles for the first 10 years of my career, it can feel very heavy on you; Wise is like a weight has been lifted as everyone has mutual respect for each other and their personal lives.


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