Recruit, Onboard, And Pay Self-Employed Drivers Quickly And Easily.

We know that self-employed drivers are essential to last-mile delivery firms and so we’ve created a FREE digital platform that takes the stress and endless admin out of workforce management. 

Do you manage a self-employed workforce?

We can only add value to businesses who engage with subcontractors

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Recruit drivers quickly this peak season!

Give your subcontractors access to a range of essential products and discounts through the Wise app. By improving the entire self-employment experience, saving your subcontractors time and money – your business gains a competitive advantage when recruiting new drivers.


Onboard new drivers in as little as 30 minutes!

Give your drivers the opportunity to get out earning as quickly as possible through a fast digital onboarding process. By submitting their evidence and documents digitally, drivers save time and your business improves its compliance.

Pay Self-Employed Drivers

Pay your drivers on time, every time!

We take the hassle out of paying your drivers. After you’ve provided us with payment information, our dedicated payments team will take care of all individual subcontractor payments, with Wise raising invoices on behalf of the drivers. This means that your drivers get paid efficiently, on time, every time.

Help your drivers to maximise their take-home pay with expert accountancy and tax advice. Through the Wise invoicing and Security accountancy bundle, your drivers will get rid of all the hassle and headaches around VAT registration and tax returns, whilst boosting their earnings at no cost to your business.

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Benefits of using Wise for recruitment.

Improve your self-employment offering

Give your drivers access to essential products such as expert accountancy support which can maximise their earnings.

Gain A Competitive Edge

By partnering with Wise, you can now offer potential new drivers access to a wide range of high street discounts through the Wise app.

Faster Onboarding

Onboard new drivers in as little as 30 seconds with subcontractors submitting their documents digitally.

Integrated Dashboard Overview

Through the Wise platform, you can get a handy overview of your workforce as well as the status of your incoming subcontractor pipeline.

Cut Down On Admin

By sharing, signing and storing documentation digitally, you can drastically cut down on the admin involved with bringing onboard new subcontractors.

Get Access To Exciting Future Features

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Route Scheduling, Fuel Cards, Death, Disability, Accident & Sickness Cover.

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