Discounts are here!

Save money while shopping

With our new Discounts feature, drivers can get money off when shopping with over 900 brands to help save money and manage the rising costs of living. 

Simply visit the discounts section in the Wise app, choose your brand, purchase a gift card and use this to redeem your purchase. 

Please download the latest version of the app.

New to Wise?

New to Wise? To use the Wise app, we need to partner with your main contractor. All you need to do let us know who you deliver for using the form below and we’ll take everything from there. 

Improve Driver Retention.

Our mission statement is ‘we improve self-employment’ Therefore, We are excited to announce the launch of our new discounts platform/feature to demonstrate that we are committed to upholding these values. 


Helping your drivers to make the most of every penny goes a long way toward showing them how much we value their services. Not only are they in a much more comfortable position financially, but they also have more time on their hands to enjoy their life. 


This helps you to improve driver retention as it encourages loyalty and dissuades drivers from letting you down. thus relieving the stresses and costs of having to source replacement drivers. giving you more time to focus on running and growing your business.