The importance of compliance

Regardless of what industry your business operates in, compliance should be front of mind when making decisions, particularly when it involves your workforce or tax. Bringing in processes and outside expertise to help manage the compliance of your business can seem like a lot of unnecessary effort, but it can save your company from a […]

Refer a main contractor

You can refer other main contractors to Wise and receive £250 in cash from us – just to say thanks! How it works As long as the main contractor that you have referred to Wise engages with a self-employed workforce and goes on to become an active client, the payment will be made to you […]

Who is Securitax?

If you’re new to working with Wise, or have just stumbled upon us. You may have heard the name ‘Securitax’ mentioned a fair bit in relation to some of our products. So, who exactly are Securitax?   Securitax are accountancy experts who specialise in the self-employment sector, supporting thousands of subcontractors and sole traders every […]

Prepare for peak

If you’ve ever worked in logistics, or particularly parcel delivery, you’ll know that there are a couple of months every year where demand and the need for organisation, pace and efficiency go through the roof – Peak Period! Peak season, the two to three months leading up to Christmas, has previously been associated with stress […]

Mutuality of Obligation – explained

Mutuality of Obligation, also known as MOO, is an essential factor in employment law. This factor also plays a key role in determining employment status during IR35 investigations and other employment law cases. In this article, we will discuss what Mutuality of Obligation is and the different tests involved, should HMRC be concerned about a […]

The right to substitute – explained

When dealing with compliance relating to self-employment there are a few key topics which crop up time and time again, regardless of the industry.    One of these key elements of self-employment within logistics is ‘the right to substitute’ – but what exactly does it mean? We’ve taken a closer look and laid out all […]