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Peregrine Ltd

Peregrine Ltd was founded in March 2020 as a logistics solutions provider to small businesses, assisting with retail and e-commerce delivery services. Now working with multiple large companies such as Amazon UK and World Options, their team of experienced professionals and highly-skilled former armed forces personnel provide courier deliveries, HGV haulage and third party logistics, along with domestic and international shipping and freight.


Active drivers

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The challenge

Peregrine faced certain issues as it rapidly expanded its self-employed workforce and so needed to find a solution to be able to effectively manage this growth. These issues centred around a time-consuming onboarding process, driver communication, documentation management, and compliance.

The solution

Wise works closely with over 250 UK logistics firms to help them to improve the way that they engage their self-employed workforces, improving not only their recruitment but also their retention of staff. Our expertise in onboarding and compliance meant that we were able to be the answer to quickly and efficiently, work with Peregrine to alleviate some of these subcontractor-focused issues. Implementing the Wise platform, Peregrine was able to successfully control its growth through its integrated driver platform which also gave them an overview of any potential compliance risks within their driver pipeline. Peregrine has now adopted an exceedingly simple to use and intuitive onboarding process which digitally manages documentation and automatically updates the driver on their status, improving two-way communication with all of their subcontractors.
“Wise has been a great tool and service for us while operating as a DSP for Amazon’s 2.0 programme. The onboarding process and compliance checks provide great peace of mind and we have a great relationship with Laura, our Account Manager, who is always able to help us with any question or problem we might have.”

Samuel George Jeffs, Managing Director at Peregrine Ltd

The benefits & results

Peregrine and its self-employed drivers are able to feel secure from a compliance and  HMRC perspective with the added protection provided through the Wise platform. On top of this, as the delivery firm continues to grow and evolve, it is now able to visualise and manage its driver pipeline in real-time as well as provide a digital record of recognition from each driver that they are a self-employed subcontractor.

The Manchester-based company now works with over 50 self-employed drivers and several larger companies, offering HGV haulage, 3PL solutions, domestic and international shipping and freight.

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