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PanAm Logistics

In August 2019, PanAm Logistic Solutions began operating as a last-mile parcel delivery service working with Amazon and DPD. The company, based in Leeds, is run by Paul Rodney and his son, James.


Active drivers

The challenge

A significant challenge PanAm faced in its everyday operations was the manual onboarding of its new self-employed delivery drivers. With around 110 drivers at peak and 70 in normal day-to-day operation, keeping on top of this pipeline of subcontractors was no small task. Onboarding each of these drivers required an extensive amount of admin time, having to navigate a variety of systems and hurdles through the various stages of onboarding for each driver.

The solution

Wise stands for “We Improve Self Employment” and this is the case for both the self-employed individuals and the companies that engage them. This passion to improve the entire self-employment experience and our integrated platform suited the needs of PanAm logistics perfectly to help it cover those tricky areas around onboarding, documentation and compliance. Looking to improve its efficiency, PanAm partnered with Wise to use its digital platform to integrate these onboarding processes into a slick and straightforward programme for both itself and its self-employed delivery drivers. Through using the Wise system, PanAm is now able to see a complete overview of its subcontractor pipeline, check and approve documentation digitally and even send contract updates to drivers, all within the handy main contractor dashboard. On top of this, the logistics firm was able to receive expert guidance and safeguarding when it comes to compliance, creating an added layer of protection from any potential HMRC issues.
“If you are looking for a market leader, look no further than Wise – I would recommend and endorse the product wholeheartedly.”

Paul Rodney, Managing Director at PanAm Logistics

The benefits & results

By choosing to utilise technology that has been tailored specifically to benefit the self-employment sector, both PanAm and its self-employed drivers are able to save valuable time and stress when dealing with the onboarding process, as well as invoicing.

PanAm started working with Wise back in October 2019, with just two drivers, one customer and one location. As of November 2021, the logistics firm has grown tremendously, with 75 active drivers serving multiple customers from 2 locations.

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