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Why is the onboarding process so important?

Having a successful onboarding strategy is key to the success of any delivery or logistics business. Onboarding helps businesses to quickly engage new talent and create a positive environment for new subcontractors, helping them to start working more efficiently. 


Within self-employment, and in particular the last-mile delivery sector, subcontractors hop from job to job for several reasons such as pay and the wider self-employment experience. Ensuring that you are creating a successful onboarding process is vitally important not only for the long-term success of your business but also for your subcontractors themselves.

The benefit of a good onboarding process for your business

  • Higher engagement
  • Better retention levels
  • Easier talent attraction
  • Streamlines and reduces admin around personnel 
  • Ensures workforce compliance and improves processes

The benefit of a good onboarding process for your subcontractors

  • Promotes good communication
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Reduces stress and the admin involved with starting work
  • Creates a clear understanding of their position as a self-employed subcontractor

How can Wise help transform your onboarding process?

The Wise system is built to allow you to onboard your subcontractors in less than 30 minutes, meaning you are not able to cut down on admin, save time whilst your subcontractors are able to get on the road faster, delivering parcels and earning themselves some money!

On top of this, through the Wise platform main contractors are also able to digitally share, sign and store any documentation from their subcontractors and vice versa – which is crucial from a contracts and compliance perspective.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wise, our Business Development Team is able to take you through a demonstration of the platform at a time that best suits you here.

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