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Who is Securitax?

If you’re new to working with Wise, or have just stumbled upon us. You may have heard the name ‘Securitax’ mentioned a fair bit in relation to some of our products. So, who exactly are Securitax?


Securitax are accountancy experts who specialise in the self-employment sector, supporting thousands of subcontractors and sole traders every year. They are the go-to accountancy company for self-employed subcontractors who are looking for a trouble-free, cost-efficient solution to maximise their take-home pay.

What services do Securitax provide?

  • Submit tax-returns on your behalf
  • Calculate all allowable expenses
  • Registering you for any tax incentives
  • Registering you for self-employment
  • Maximise your take-home pay

How do Wise and Securitax work together?

If you’re a self-employed subcontractor, by choosing certain Wise products you’ll automatically benefit from this expert accountancy support from Securitax, for instance:

1. Wise Invoicing

With this product, Secuitax raises all of your invoices on your behalf and administers your weekly payments for £12.50 per week.

2. Wise Invoicing + Securitax Accountancy

Securitax not only raises all of your invoices and administers your weekly payments, but they also:

  • Register you with HMRC and request your UTR number
  • Register you for the flat-rate VAT scheme, if you are eligible
  • Submit your quarterly and end-of-year tax returns
  • Complete all of your VAT paperwork
  • Offer advice and support around expenses 


All this is done for £15 per week, and your take-home pay can be boosted by as much as £30 per week at the same time!

How can you find out more about these products?

In order to work with Wise, your main contractor must be set up on our system – you can refer your main contractor here and once they’re successfully set up on our system you’ll receive £100 cash!

If you’re a main contractor and are interested in finding out more about Wise and how its platform can help you save time, money and stress, you can book a 15-minute system demo here.

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