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Three tips to speed up your self-employed onboarding process

We know that business owners and fleet managers face a constant battle relating to their workforce, with high turnover rates and an ongoing driver shortage creating a constant battle to retain talent.

Because of this, it’s important that delivery business owners onboard their workforce quickly and efficiently. To ensure you have the best driver onboarding process, use the tips below and make the most of the Wise driver onboarding system.

Remove extra tasks

Asking drivers to send all their documents and evidence over via email or WhatsApp can be time-consuming and long-winded for all parties involved.

Platforms like the Wise driver onboarding system stop business owners from wasting crucial time, as the integrated system allows for all paperwork to be uploaded directly and stored digitally.

Create one centralised location

Managing your driver onboarding across multiple platforms can become confusing and extremely expensive.

Through Wise, you can onboard, pay, and manage your drivers from one central dashboard, helping your business become much more streamlined while you save time, money, and stress each week.

Driver perks

Incentivising your driver onboarding process by showing them the great perks available once everything is complete can help drivers become more engaged in the process.

Through Wise, drivers can get access to expert accountancy support that can help eligible drivers to maximise their earnings, boosting their take-home pay by up to £30 per week at no extra cost to you.

Not only this, but Wise also offers drivers access to a free discount platform, helping fight the current cost of living crisis with hundreds of discounts at major retailers!

If you’re interested in learning how Wise can be the solution to having a fast and efficient onboarding process, book a demo here.

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