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The Wise Journey

Ever since we were founded back in December 2019, the mission has always been the same – to improve the entire self-employment experience for both businesses and individuals.


Historically, UK businesses that engaged a self-employed workforce have struggled with issues around recruitment, onboarding, payments, compliance and communicating with their subcontractor pipeline. 


We believed that by combining innovative technology with industry expertise, we could vastly improve these workforce management issues, saving both businesses and their subcontractors time, money and stress.


We began our journey by bringing together technology-focused talent and product specialists whilst getting hands-on with our clients to understand exactly how their businesses could benefit from integrated digital software. This interaction with clients of all shapes and sizes across the UK was crucial in helping us to tailor our main contractor platform in a way that provides genuine relief to business owners. 


Fast forward to April 2021, we launched our revolutionary platform for logistics businesses, with an accompanying mobile application for their subcontractor drivers to use. The cutting-edge platform provides business owners with tools for onboarding, compliance, payments and many other areas. The subcontractor app provides individuals with the ability to upload documentation, and digitally sign and return contracts whilst also taking care of all invoicing and accountancy.


The Wise platform is now being used by over 250 UK businesses, and the accompanying app has been used by over 60,000 self-employed individuals so far, improving all elements of self-employment. 


To learn more about how Wise can help you, watch the video below or book a 30-minute demonstration with our experts here.

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