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The nation’s view on self-employment

At Wise, our entire team works hard everyday to create products and software which improves the self-employment experience for both subcontractors and the companies which engage them.

However, after a couple of seriously tumultuous years, we wanted to make sure that we were still tuned into the nation’s views on work, employment and specifically being your own boss.

So, we recently partnered with one of the UK’s leading research agencies to speak to a cross-section of the UK public, getting their views on all things self-employment. We spoke to 1,500 people from all ages, genders, races and backgrounds to make sure our insights were representative of the whole nation.

Interestingly, our brand new research was actually picked up by a number of national newspapers including The Daily Mirror, The Daily Express and The Sun! Some of the key stand-out results from the research included:

  • 86% of people plan to be their own boss or run their own business
  • 80% of people can never see themselves going back to a traditional 9-5 environment 
  • 66% of people think that being their own boss is the only way to achieve true fulfilment 
  • 92% of people say that having a boss can be stressful 

We know that following the pandemic, there has been a lot of press coverage of changes to working structures with people opting to change their work-life balance or create new forms of income.

Our cutting-edge technology has supported over 50,000 self-employed subcontractors since its launch, helping them to save time, money and stress whilst freeing them up to focus on growing their business.

To find out how Wise can help you save time, money and stress within self-employment, book your FREE demonstration today!

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