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Talk to Us Month

At Wise, our employee mental and physical wellbeing is at the core of what we do. This month is Talk to Us month hosted by the Samaritans Charity. This campaign is all about raising awareness that the Samaritans Charity is here to talk 24/7 to anyone who needs someone to listen.

Wise wholeheartedly supports this campaign as we are committed to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of our colleagues. We offer constant help and support for our employees with an open door policy should any of our employees wish to gain extra support and talk to us in confidence from our Mental Health Workplace Responders.

We recently sat down with our Head of People & Culture, Hannah Jarrad, to ask her a few questions around the importance of employee mental & physical wellbeing to Wise.

Hannah Jarrad, Head of People & Culture

1. Why is employee mental wellbeing important to Wise?

“We know that, naturally, people are happiest and most productive within the workplace when they feel supported and in a positive headspace. We’re passionate about creating the ideal environment for our team to thrive in, regardless of their personal circumstances, and so looking after mental wellbeing is a key part of this.”

2. How do we encourage our employees to ask for help if needed?

“By creating a culture of openness, support and compassion – our employees know that they can always come forward discretely to the People and Culture team to deal with any issues they have or just to ask for support.”

3.What is the importance of having an open-door policy at Wise?

“We know that across industries, day-to-day it can be easy for employees who are having a tough time mentally to just keep their head down and ignore any problems. However, by promoting our open-door policy, and actively encouraging our team to discuss any problems they’re having in an environment that suits them, we’re aiming to tackle any of these issues head on, improving things in the long-term.”

4. What initiatives does Wise have in place to support its employees’ wellbeing?

“At Wise, we’ve put together a range of perks and initiatives with the sole purpose of protecting and improving the physical and mental wellbeing of each and every employee. For instance, we have our private medical plan, cycle to work scheme, monthly gym contribution for each individual and, of course, our flexible and hybrid working model that everyone uses to suit their own circumstances.”

You can find out more about Talk To Us month by Samaritans, here:

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