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System Update: Auto re-sign SLA & User Roles

You spoke, and we listened! We’ve improved our onboarding platform so that you can better onboard and manage your workforce.

Update #1 Customisable Onboarding

You may have seen that a couple of months ago, we released Customisable Onboarding. The Wise Platform can accommodate any piece of evidence you require from your drivers; this means anything from their mother’s maiden name to their next of kin – we’ve got you covered! If there is specific evidence you would like to add, please contact your Client Service Manager, who will get this sorted for you.

Update #2 Auto re-sign SLA

It’s become even easier to stay on top of compliance with Wise.

This new feature means that every ten months, drivers will be notified automatically via their app and will receive an email requesting that they resign a new SLA as stated in their contract.

You will not need to do anything to activate this feature; your Client Service Manager will contact you shortly to discuss if they haven’t already done so.

Update #3 User Roles

We realised many of our clients work with more than just self-employed drivers, so we have adapted the Wise Platform to reflect this!

This new feature means that you can now:

  • Have a bespoke onboarding journey customised to the needs of your business for both employed and self-employed individuals
  • Use different SLAs for each role, ensuring compliance remains a priority
  • Create a tailored onboarding journey for each role and/or employment type (example onsite managers)
As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact your Client Services Manager.

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