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Wise – new system & mobile app launch

Wise is delighted to launch its new system and accompanying mobile app.

In the past 12 months, we’ve bulked up our workforce from ten to almost forty as we address the ever-changing challenges that come with engaging a self-employed workforce.

Explicitly designed to address long-term issues within the logistics industry such as poor staff retention, issues around compliance, tax and even payroll – the new Wise platform will save firms of all sizes stress, time and money in various ways.

Whether a firm has 10 or 5,000 subcontractors in their workforce, they
can manage their recruitment and onboarding processes. In the system, companies can view signed policies and contracts and manage important compliance tasks.

Simultaneously the Wise mobile app has launched. The app works alongside the system to improve the experience for self-employed subcontractors. Once the company has added a new subcontractor, the subcontractor can complete the job application via the app – all documents and proofs are done digitally. They’ll also get introduced to an approved accountant, giving them vital advice on tax and expenses.

Following a year like no other for self-employed workers and the UK courier industry as a whole, we’re delighted to be able to launch the new Wise system and app. We’re passionate about using technology to create solutions that bring genuine benefits and improve the entire self-employment experience from both the companies and individuals’ perspective, and that’s precisely what Wise does. It’s been excellent to see our growing team combine their expertise to create something so impactful, and we know it is going to be very popular across the industry.

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