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Strengthen your compliance

At Wise, we understand that managing a self-employed delivery business can be tricky and often feel like an endless amount of admin. We already work with over 250 UK logistic companies in the last-mile and multi-drop industry, helping them to ensure the compliance of their business.

Did you know that 98% of our clients say that they feel more confident that their business is compliant with Wise?

The Wise integrated platform is tailored to the needs of your business, but how can Wise technology ensure your delivery firm is remaining compliant?

  • Onboarding – Our cutting-edge technology collects all required documentation on your behalf when recruiting new self-employed drivers, so that it can be electronically signed by your subcontractors and stored in the Wise system, ready to be downloaded at any time.
  • Contracts & SLAs – The Wise system helps you to reinforce the relationship between your business and self-employed workforce through audit trails. We help businesses to create their own Service Level Agreements based on employment status law, providing all the relevant policies to maximise protection for both your business and the drivers.
  • Compliance Reviews – Our expert legal team conduct health checks on all contracts and activities, ensuring your business is on the right side of HMRC.
  • UTR & Self-Assessments – Wise specialists ensure all your self-employed drivers are registered for tax.
  • Educate your workforce – Your subcontractors will be educated on tax and self-employment responsibilities, all within our Wise driver app.


Best of all, using Wise comes at no extra cost to you or your business!

If you’d like to learn more about how Wise can strengthen the compliance of your business, book a demo in with our Business Development Team here.

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