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Streamline your driver onboarding process with onboarding

Streamlining driver onboarding is crucial for courier companies to quickly integrate new self-employed drivers into their operations and ensure a seamless transition. Technology is instrumental in supporting this; it removes manual tasks, reduces paperwork, and enhances efficiency.

The Wise Platform and driver mobile app have a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless onboarding experience for both delivery drivers and their courier company. By embracing technology, logistics companies can expedite the onboarding process, minimise errors, improve compliance, and ultimately set their self-employed drivers up for success from day one.

How do you streamline your driver onboarding process with Wise ?

Simplified Driver Document Collection

Ready-made driver onboarding streamlines the collection and verification of driver documents, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. The Wise platform allows drivers to securely upload the documents their delivery business requires, such as licences, right to work, toxicology checks, etc, digitally. This digitised process reduces administrative burden and minimises the chances of errors or missing documents.

Ready-made onboarding offers customisable onboarding for delivery businesses

Through Wise, delivery businesses are able to tailor the driver’s onboarding journey to their specific requirements. Defining the steps, tasks, documents, and evidences in the onboarding process ensures a consistent and structured approach for every new driver. The Wise platform guides drivers through each stage, providing clear instructions and facilitating a smooth onboarding experience.

Enhanced Communication with self-employed drivers

Effective communication is vital during the onboarding process of new self-employed drivers. Ready Onboarding provides a centralised platform for seamless communication with delivery drivers. Delivery business owners can easily notify drivers if their documents are about to expire, leaving them with enough time to update their profile and remain out on the road delivering parcels.

Offer Driver Perks

Driver perks play a significant role in supporting the driver onboarding process. By offering attractive incentives, courier companies can attract and retain top drivers more effectively. Ready Onboarding allows logistics businesses to seamlessly integrate driver perks into the onboarding process, ensuring that drivers feel valued and motivated from the start.

The Wise Platform offers excellent driver perks, helping courier companies create a comprehensive and enticing package that sets the foundation for a successful onboarding process and fosters a motivated and engaged driver workforce.

Focus on Compliance

Instead of dealing with excess amounts of paperwork and manual document management, courier companies can leverage the secure and centralised Wise portal to collect, organise, and store all necessary driver documents digitally. This eliminates the need for physical document handling, reduces administrative burden, and minimises the chances of errors or missing documents. With all driver documents readily accessible and securely stored in one place, the onboarding process becomes more efficient and seamless, providing peace of mind from a compliance perspective.

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