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Reduce driver drop-off with an industry-leading onboarding platform

Onboarding your drivers quickly and efficiently is essential to keeping them engaged and wanting to work for you. Here, we’ve put together an expert guide on how to both keep your drivers interested and stand out from the competition at the same time.

As a delivery business, you will already be aware of the huge demand and high turnover rates for self-employed drivers. Across each region, there are hundreds of courier companies for drivers to choose from, so it is common for them to go through several different firms’ onboarding processes simultaneously.

So how do you stay ahead when self-employed drivers can easily go elsewhere before you’ve even finished their onboarding? You need to streamline your onboarding process to allow you to engage quickly with your courier drivers.

Two essential factors for a streamlined onboarding experience

1. Speed

Self-employed drivers want to start earning money as quickly as possible, so you need to be able to get them out on the road faster than ever before. If onboarding processes take too long, drivers start to drop off, as they’re wasting valuable time when they could be earning.

The Wise platform allows you to add a driver in 30 seconds and complete full onboarding in 30 minutes, which means drivers can start earning the same day they’re onboarded!

2. Medium

How do you deliver your onboarding to prospective self-employed drivers? In-person? Whatsapp? Email?

How you provide your onboarding process can be the difference between drivers choosing to work for you or a competitor. Using an app to create your onboarding process lets you keep things fast, organised, and easy for your drivers.

The Wise driver app allows drivers to have total control and flexibility, allowing them to complete their onboarding process on-the-go and at a speed that suits them. The Wise system even allows you to tailor your onboarding process within the app to suit your business’ needs, ensuring that your drivers complete the documents you require.

If you want to learn more about using a free industry-leading platform to streamline your self-employed driver onboarding process, contact us here.

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